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Pokemon I Choose You is the 20th Pokemon Movie. Based on the popular Pokemon Anime. The movie a reboot of the very first Pokemon episode with an epic twist! Including: Ho-Oh, Entei and more legendary Pokemon! The movie scored an 6.3 on IMDB.


Pokemon I Choose You Plot

The movie start with Ash Ketchum who wakes up late, after having broken his alarm clock in his sleep. Ash finally makes it to Professor Oak’s lab. However, the three starter Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander) have already been chosen by other Trainers, who were on time.

Luckily, Oak reveals that he has one more Pokémon, an Electric-type named Pikachu. Despite its volatile and feisty personality, as well as its refusal to get inside a Poké Ball, Ash happily takes Pikachu for his journey. Starting their legendary friendship.

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Pokemon I Choose You Movie

First Encounter

Outside of Pallet Town, Ash encounters a his first wild Pokemon, a Pidgey. At first Pikachu refuses to fight it, Ash tosses a rock at it, but it hits a Spearow that mistakes Pikachu as the attacker.

Soon, more Spearow show up forcing Ash and Pikachu to run. Injured and tired, Ash tells Pikachu to get inside its Ball, but it he again refuses. Instead, Pikachu defends Ash from the Spearow by using a large Thunder attack that scare them away.

As the storm ceases, Ho-Oh flies above and drops a feather called a Rainbow Wing. Ash and Pikachu decide to go and find the Legendary Pokémon.

Meeting Entei

After hearing the Legendary Pokémon Entei is nearby, Ash and several other Trainers rush into the woods in order to find it. Ash finds the Entei, but he ends up fighting over it with a Trainer named Verity and an aspiring young Pokémon Professor named Sorrel.

When Entei escapes, Ash and Verity get into an argument and Sorrel leaves, telling them that they need to find shelter soon. As they look to find shelter, Ash and Verity find a Charmander, which they quickly learn belongs to a ruthless trainer named Cross who left it out in the rain.

Cross refuses to take Charmander back, calling it weak. Ash and Verity start to take of Charmander and start to find him shelter. They come across a cave where Sorrel happens to be and they helped Charmander back to health.

The Rainbow Hero

Sorrel reveals that Ho-Oh only gives the Rainbow Wing to the “rainbow hero”, one who is destined to fight it. The next morning, Ash convinces Charmander to join them. The group follows the Rainbow Wing, which guides them towards the Raizen Mountain Range, to meet Ho-Oh. Charmander evolves into Charmeleon. Cross returns and challenges Ash’s Charmeleon with his Incineroar. Charmeleon is savagely defeated, causing Ash much grief.

Upset over his loss, Ash openly admits that he could have won with Pikachu and later states that he wished he had gotten Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Alone in the woods, Marshadow puts Ash in a sleep-like state as the Rainbow Wing turns dark. Ash has a dream where no Pokémon exist and he attends regular school with Verity and Sorrel. Realizing something is missing, he remembers Pikachu and wakes up to his friends, and the Wing regains its color. The group realize they are getting close when the Wing begins to glow in the direction of Mount Tensei.

On the summit, the group reach a crystal-like structure called Rainbow Rock. However they are interrupted by Cross who wants to fight Ho-Oh himself, after he saw Ho-Oh as well, but didn’t receive a Rainbow Wing.

Final Battle

Cross’ Incineroar fights Ash’s Charmeleon which quickly evolves into Charizard and defeats Incineroar. Cross, refusing to accept his loss, grabs the Wing and places it on the crystal, but it turns dark, causing Marshadow, an agent of Ho-Oh’s, to turn the local Pokémon evil and attack Ash and his friends. The Trainers fight back, but are overwhelmed by the severity of the situation. Ash finally withdraws a severely weakened Pikachu into its Poké Ball as the Pokémon attacks Ash. He starts to fade as Marshadow notices the Wing has disintegrated.

Ash finds himself in a grey world, but is brought back. Ash takes the newly formed Rainbow Wing and places it on the crystal structure. Ho-Oh arrives and Ash challenges it with Pikachu to battle, but the outcome is never shown. Cross leaves on good terms and eventually Verity and Sorrel leave Ash to achieve their own dreams.

Pokemon I choose you review

The 20th feature-length promotional tool for the media-spanning collectibles phenomenon turns out to be a reboot of the entire series. The movie goes back to the very first moment. Showing how Ash and Pikachu met each other and became friends.

I Choose You! forms a modest improvement on those headachy spinoffs that bedevilled the world around the last millennium. Though the Poké-matches rely on generic, TV-standard animation and become repetitive, occasional flourishes (some black-and-white backstory, a computer-assisted bad dream) suggest that those responsible may some day make art once they’re done bolstering a leisure conglomerate’s stock options.

that Hello Kitty-ish cuteness built into the franchise from the get-go. Whether in Pikachu’s chittering or the message about looking after your pocket monsters. However, you don’t have to look too long and hard to spot the insidious corporate-think slipped in alongside it. “Being a second late for a Pokémon can be life-changing.

One of Ash’s contemporaries describes his encounter with this rainbow-hued bird as “a priceless experience”. Two decades’ worth of vanished, irretrievable pocket money would say otherwise.


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