Pokemon GO Special Research – Community Day Weekend

Pokemon GO Community Day 2019

Pokemon GO Special Research

Pokemon GO Special Research will launch together with tomorrow’s Community Day event, where Pokémon from all of this year’s Community Days will spawn with increased rates, new Special Research is starting to be reported as appearing when the Community Day event begins at 09:00 local time. This research, “Celebrate 2019” is a single piece of Special Research with only one stage and offers a Unova Stone reward.

Pokemon GO Evolution Event

Research Tasks

Task Task Reward Total Reward
Catch 19 Pokemon 2019 XP 20 Ultra Balls
Catch 19 Pokemon 2019 XP 1 Unova Stone
Catch 19 Pokemon 2019 XP 9 Rare Candy

This special research is small research to celebrate the end of 2019. It is released in conunction with the Community Day Event in December 2019

Other Extra’s

Pokemon GO Special Research Extra's

In addition to this, a new Community Day Box is also now live in the game. For 480 Coins it will give 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Super Incubators, 1 Incense and 1 Lure Module.

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